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    How do i style it?

    Dear lovely customer, I’m going to show you all of the different ways you can wear your backless Ladyshaper…

    Now before we get started, I want to show you where exactly each clear strap can go. You’ll notice on the back of the shaper, you’ll see a loop on the top left of the cup, as well as the top right of the cup.

    On the sides of the shaper you’ll see 4 loops on the left side, and 4 loops on the right side. These can all be used in many ways so you can style your outfits for different looks! Let me show you how you can wear it

    This is the default way to wear your backless body bra, and is suitable for any backless dress that has an open back!


    Our last and final look we will be showing today is for a low cut front dress. These dresses feature a plunging neckline that shows some cleavage! Perfect for a night out. 

    To achieve this look, first detach the middle strap that connects the two cups. Then, connect the first clear strap horizontally, from the first side loop on the left side, to the first side loop on the right side.

    Grab your second strap and connect it horizontally underneath the first strap, from any of the side loops on the left, to any of the side loops on the right. This can be positioned lower or higher depending on how tight you want it to be. And BAM! You’re done!

    Thanks for reading and enjoy your Ladyshaper! Your night out awaits!

    All Credits for information on dress styles:,making%20it%20a%20backless%20dress.

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