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    About Us

    Shapeladies's brand mission is to empower all women to embrace themselves while also being an essential to their wardrobe.

    However, the one factor that separates us from the rest is that when you shop with us, you aren't just buying a product. You're buying your ticket into a community. You deserve to feel good and be taken seriously at all times!

    Rather if you are getting ready for your graduation, or getting ready to say "I do" at your wedding, we have a solution for you.

    Shapeladies is new! It's growing and it's something that can be used for all. The days of envisioning that painful, old metal corset when you hear the word "Shapeladies'" are over.

    We are as personal as it can get with our customers. For real, we care more about you than anything else! This is why we have invested in having transparent live chat teams and customer support to make sure whatever your issue may be, it gets solved.

    At Shapeladies, we believe that true beauty isn't something that is just externally visible. It comes down to your true insides; your confidence.

    We have turned this industry upside down with the radical belief that Shapeladies is body positive. Our goal is to change the conversation about Shapeladies.

    When loving yourself, it involves giving your body some additional support at times.

    Whether that's rocking at work, traveling the globe, pre or post pregnancy, or for a particularly indulgent brunch, We're here to support for every step along that journey.

    You define your own beauty and nothing should prevent you from looking the way you feel inside.

    Excahnges are FREE!

    We stand behind our products. If you don't love it, exchanges & returns are FREE for 30 days.

    24,000+ Customers

    24,000 happy customers and when you're next, you won't regret it.

    Customer Service

    We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.